The Second Cast

Costumes from specific performances
as ready-to-wear editions.

Trajal Harrell for The Second Cast

Trajal Harrell for the Second Cast


The costumes for the five gents who perform Antigone Sr. / Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (L) were harvested from a single trip to a secondhand shop in Brussels, followed by a brief perusal of a train station flea market in some place, Belgium. The market bestowed upon us a handful of fake Hermès scarves. The gents recombined and reconfigured the twenty or so elements to make a slew of outfits and show-ready looks. For Creon’s fall at the end of the piece, I wanted a striptease befitting a fallen king. Rob Fordeyn, who performs this role, wore every item of clothing in the arsenal before stripping down to just three of the scarves, which he fashioned into a Greco-Roman one piece. It was a fashion forward ending fit for a king.

T.H., 28th August 2017

Edition of 70
Scarf print speedo cut or All black trunk leg
USD 390.00 + postage

Greco Roman One PieceAll black trunk legScarf print speedo cut